Want a fun, perhaps more effective way to engage in political debate on social media than regurgitating detailed facts or profanity this election season? Try concise, witty banter.

It has occurred to me that serious, detailed responses to claims made by Donald Trump supporters about their esteemed leader — like profanity-laced rants — generally go nowhere.

Are concise, witty responses, using the mostly absurd statements that Trump himself has made, a more effective way to debate with Trump and his supporters on social media as we gear up for the 2020 elections? Who knows? But they’re definitely more fun to write. And they will likely lead to more civil debate than screaming at each other.

Call them “Trump Thoughts.” Sort of like the 1990s Saturday Night Live “Deep Thoughts,” only not even as deep as those. This guy on Twitter is about right:

You can use his statements verbatim, or kind of take some creative license. I usually tack on smiley and/or eye rolling emojis to let people know it’s not all that serious, like this:

Want some more fun examples? Here are some broken into verbatim and embellished categories:

Trump Thoughts taken from verbatim statements

Trump Thoughts embellished a little

  • Trump thinks he is the shiniest star in the universe.
  • Trump thinks it should be always about him.
  • Trump thinks that America was last great in 1959 before his parents got tired of him and shipped him off to a military academy.
  • Trump thinks illegal aliens are from outer space and that’s why we need a Space Force.
  • Trump thinks the main duty of the POTUS is to rage tweet about people and things he doesn’t like.
  • Trump thinks that the main duty of the POTUS is to call people he doesn’t like immature names on Twitter.
  • Trump thinks that if you say something twice it automatically becomes true.
  • Trump thinks that fake news is anything that happens that makes him look bad.
  • Trump thinks that only people who say nice things about him should get book deals.
  • Trump thinks that Obama writes better tweets and that’s why he rips them off.
  • Trump thinks Kobe is the name of a real estate company.
  • Trump thinks that Snoopy is the name of a stripper he banged.
  • Trump thinks that Vikings own Greenland.
  • Trump thinks that the MeToo movement started in a strip club.
  • Trump thinks that NPR stands for “No Possible Repercussions.”
  • Trump thinks that rich white people are the only real Native Americans.
Photo by Kayla Velasquez/Unsplash

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