This is something I wondered about, as well. I am an Eagle Scout, and my son was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. My daughter is still a Girl Scout, and her troop is selling cookies now. I asked how much of the $4 per box her troop gets, and she said it was about 80 cents.

More of that should go to local troops, not the national organization, especially if it’s supposed to be a fundraiser for a local troop. $1 per box for the baking company is fine, but the national organization should get a lot less than 55-60%. Some would call that a racket, but I won’t go there myself. I just would like to see the girls who do the work to sell the cookies get more of the money for their own troop’s projects.

I remember when I was in Scouts, we would raise money through distributing phone books and doing chili cookouts and pancake breakfasts. We even sold these cheap burglar alarms that were pretty funny since they didn’t really work but made a loud noise. I think we earned more than 15–20% of the sale though.

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