The books contain some key details, but readers have to dig

This article was updated on Jan. 11, 2022.

he media have many virtues and many faults. We wouldn’t know much about how government, business, society work without them. People in power would really abuse their positions without them. …

Remembering Mom, travel adventures, and more

fter migrating south from Washington, D.C., in the mid-1960s, my parents started an annual Great American Road Trip ritual. They’d pile their three kids into the station wagon and drive hundreds of miles.

They believed that these marathon trips from Dallas to Shenandoah, Pa…

Lists telling us the best places in the United States to live are subjective. But they are still interesting to a point.

any outfits release lists of the supposed best places to live in the United States. While many officials of top-rated cities tout these studies and use them to…

Kevin Shay

Written for 45+ newspapers/mags. Written some books — see Visited 48 states, 30+ countries.

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